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Practical Handbook of Protocol (2010 edition)

Jean Serres

Bestseller and instrument of international relations since 1948, this new edition in English of "Manuel Pratique de Protocole" tackles diplomatic questions in their most demanding, the most pragmatic but also the most modern conception.

So, the intention of the author of this handbook was not to attempt to write a treatise about diplomacy nor was it his aim to draw upon his professional experience as has successfully been the case with writers such as Jules Cambon, Jules Jusserand and Harold Nicolson in their time.

He has tried to put the sort of guide he would have like to have had when he entered the Service at the disposal of his colleagues. This guide lays out, in a practical way, problems which arise and such solutions as may be useful.

95 € TTC

Manuel pratique du protocole version française French version

Manuel Pratique de Protocole (edition 2010)

95 € TTC